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Data Privacy Déjà Vu? CCPA on the Heels of GDPR

by Megan Miller The CCPA, scheduled to take effect in January 2020, creates sweeping new rights for Californians and onerous transparency and other obligations for businesses handling their information. While it’s natural to make the comparison, calling the CCPA California’s GDPR may be a bit of a misnomer. The two laws share some key components, […]

Once Is Nice, but Twice is Better: 10 Tips for Repurposing Your Content

by Cindy Moen Great content can drive more traffic to your website, enhance your company’s reputation and convert more website visitors into prospects. Good content can help move prospects through the marketing funnel and turn them into leads for your sales team. That’s why, when you strike upon a good piece of content, you should […]

10 Interview Tips and Tricks: How to Handle Media Like a Pro

by Nicolle Martin If you’re like most people, doing media interviews isn’t on your list of favorite things to do. With the right mindset, though, interviews don’t have to be a painful experience. Of course, it’s important to do your research to learn about the media representative and their publication, so you can go into […]

A Law Firm Marketing Blog Series Edition #20

Welcome back to our blog series, in which we talk with some of today’s most knowledgeable legal marketing minds. In this edition, we feature Amy Juers, the founder and CEO of Edge Legal Marketing. We hope hearing the thoughts and ideas shared by the people in these blog posts, will inspire you to make positive […]

Edge Legal Marketing Voted Best of Midwest by The National Law Journal Readers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 9, 2019 – Edge Legal Marketing, a Minneapolis-based marketing and public relations firm serving the needs of businesses and organizations in the legal industry, was recently voted a top agency in the Public Relations, Legal Marketing & Branding and Social Media Consultancy categories of The National Law Journal’s Best of the […]

Not Fake News: Making the Media Your Friend

by Jennifer Marsnik Those who are trusted to deliver news and information with integrity are important partners in your corporate public relations strategy. Earned media coverage is valuable to organizations seeking to expand brand awareness or change public perception. In professional services markets like legal and accounting, we rely on the media to share information […]

Got Leads? Get Media!

by Vicki LaBrosse Public relations is a powerful tool for influencing and changing behavior, but most companies don’t think of PR as a means to generate leads. After all, it’s hard to measure the effect an editorial placement or a graphic has on leads. Organizations often don’t want something that can’t be correlated to sales. […]

Is Your Creativity Kaput? Wrangle It Back Into Working Order with These Four Tips

by Melanie Brenneman Creativity plays into your job no matter what your title. A leader finds a delightful way to excite a team. A designer delivers an intriguing ad inspired by an everyday item. A marketer finds an overlooked service to monetize. Everyone needs creativity. But what do you do when it goes missing? When […]