Lights, Camera, Engagement: Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Video for Marketing

by Mary Obregon

Videos have become a dominant force in the constantly changing world of digital media, taking over social media, and changing the way advertisers interact with their target audiences. Video content is becoming more popular due to its unmatched ability to captivate viewers, effectively communicate information, and leave a lasting brand impression. Here are five ways video has become a driving force in marketing, enabling brands to narrate captivating stories, showcase products, and foster stronger connections with target audiences.

  1. The Visual Appeal

One of the key reasons behind the surge in video popularity is the visual appeal that videos offer. Society is naturally drawn to visuals, and videos provide a dynamic and immersive experience that static images or text alone cannot match. The combination of moving images, sound, and storytelling captivates the audience’s attention, making it easier for brands to convey their messages effectively.

  1. Engagement Beyond Words

Videos have proven to be a more engaging medium compared to traditional text-based content. In a fast-paced world where attention spans are shrinking thanks to mediums like LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok, videos offer a quick and digestible format for information consumption. People are more likely to watch a short video than read a lengthy article, allowing marketers to deliver their message in a way that resonates with its audience.

  1. Telling Captivating Brand Stories

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool in marketing, and videos take this narrative approach to a whole new level. Brands can use videos to tell compelling stories that evoke emotions, create a connection with the audience, and build a brand identity. Videos enable brands to create a more genuine and deep connection with clients, whether it’s illustrating the product’s journey from conception to market, offering a behind-the-scenes view of the company’s culture, or having a client tell of their experience in working with them.

  1. Showcasing Products in Action

For product-focused companies, videos provide an opportunity for them to showcase their products in action. Demonstrations, tutorials, and user testimonials come to life in a video format, giving potential clients a clearer understanding of a product’s features and benefits. This visual demonstration not only increases the likelihood of conversions but also helps build trust and credibility with the client.

  1. Social Media Platforms as Video Hubs

Major social media platforms have recognized the dominance of video content and have adapted their features accordingly. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok have integrated video-centric functionalities, making it easier for users to create, share, and discover video content. Marketers are leveraging these platforms to reach a wider audience and benefit from the ability of videos going viral.

The rise of video content has transformed the marketing landscape, offering a visually compelling and engaging way for brands to connect with their audiences. Marketers who embrace this trend and invest in creating high-quality, relevant video content stand to gain a competitive edge in capturing the attention and loyalty of their target market. As we move forward, the integration of videos into marketing strategies will continue to evolve, shaping the way brands communicate and engage with clients. If you are looking to amp up your marketing leveraging videos, let the experts at Edge Marketing put their best people, technology, and practices to work for you.

About the Author

Mary joined the Edge team as a marketing intern, shortly after graduating with the class of 2020 from Marist College. She is Edge’s social media and email marketing expert and assists the team with implementing strategic plans.

Mary has danced since the age of 4 and it has become a passion of hers. When she’s not working, she’s either dancing, baking, spending time with friends and family, or exploring New York, where she lives.

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