Edge Marketing Expands Executive-Level Advisory Services with Fractional CMO Offering for Legal and Accounting Industries

Minneapolis, MN – March 3, 2021 – Edge Marketing, Inc. (formerly Edge Legal Marketing and Accounting Edge Marketing), an award-winning public relations and marketing agency serving the needs of businesses and firms in the legal and accounting industries today announced its formalized offering of fractional chief marketing officer services. Edge’s fractional CMO services provide leadership talent for a company’s marketing function on a part-time or short-term consultative basis. Clients can expect that the senior marketing leader is fully committed to its organization, but without investing in a fully burdened permanent resource.

Edge Marketing has long provided executive-level communications and marketing advisory services for clients seeking more than management or tactical support for PR or marketing. The agency’s fractional CMO services reflect the expansion of this offering, designed to help establish and lead an organization’s marketing strategy and execution. Edge has a deep bench of fractional CMOs, all of whom are seasoned leaders with track records in PR, communications and marketing products and services for technology companies and professional service firms.

“During these turbulent times we have seen the demand for dynamic and experienced C-suite marketers continue to grow,” says Amy Juers, founder and CEO of Edge Marketing, Inc. “By leveraging the talent of our existing team and systems, we are well-positioned to help businesses and firms overcome the challenges they face during the current ‘new normal.’ Our impressive track record spanning decades gives us the expertise, ability and versatility to successfully serve as CMOs for many influential companies.”

A few telltale signs that an organization would benefit from a top-talent fractional CMO:

  • The organization recognizes the need to develop its marketing efforts, but isn’t ready to hire a full-time, high-salaried CMO.
  • Executives are too busy with other responsibilities, so no one is leading marketing.
  • Salespeople in the organization are creating their own marketing materials or pursuing their own activities.
  • The organization needs marketing insights that provide strategic direction as well as the ability to make informed executive decisions.
  • The organization wants an interim leader or advisor that has experience to make sound decisions that ensure ROI.
  • The business needs to stabilize efforts during a transition, turnaround, acquisition or divesture.

It is commonplace for businesses to hold back on investing in new staff, especially expensive executives during times of uncertainty. Hiring a fractional CMO that truly understands the target market gives businesses and firms the ability to establish or expand their marketing infrastructure and programs to achieve growth and profit goals without prematurely committing to high-salaried permanent resources.

Information on Edge Marketing fractional CMO offerings is available on the Edge Marketing website.


About Edge Marketing, Inc.

Edge Marketing, Inc., formerly known as Edge Legal Marketing and Accounting Edge Marketing, delivers marketing and public relations expertise to clients in legal and accounting industries. As an award-winning and full-service agency, Edge provides fractional CMO services, strategic planning and budgeting, public relations, branding, website development, email campaigns and digital advertising for clients globally. Since 1997, Edge has helped B2B organizations promote and sell their products and services to audience segments including but not limited to corporate legal departments, law firms, government entities and legal associations, accounting firms, and wealth management and advisory companies. To learn more, visit www.edgemarketinginc.com.

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