The End of Cookies?

by Megan Miller “By clicking ‘Accept All’, you consent to the use of ALL cookies. However, you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent.” How many times per week do you encounter a website alert with a message like this? Do you take a moment to set your preferences or just blow through […]

The PESO Model – An Integrated Approach to Modern Communications

by Jennifer Marsnik Not long ago, core business activities like advertising, public relations and marketing content creation were silos within an organization. But today’s communication channels lend themselves to a more integrated approach. The PESO model is a communications strategy that combines four categories of media: paid, earned, shared and owned. Integrated programs use a […]

Basic Booth Etiquette for the Return of In-Person Conferences

by Cindy Kremer Moen As she was getting ready to return to the office, one of my friends recently said, “It’s time for me to put my hard clothes on.” With the return of many in-person conferences and trade shows, many of us are digging out our “hard” clothes – not to mention our uncomfortable […]

Three Ways to Nurture Inclusion in the Workplace

by Tanya Amyote Diversity and inclusion are more than buzzwords in today’s climate of “wokeness” and “cancel culture.” They are meaningful and moving targets. They are actionable terms to describe an ideal and attainable goal. They are the very building blocks of a healthy business with happy employees serving satisfied clients. A review of your […]

The Show Is Over, Or Is It?

Tips for a successful post-event strategy by Vicki LaBrosse You made it! Another successful event is in the books! All that careful preparation, creative promotion and your professionalism during the event itself have paid off. The works is done, but not so fast . . . What happens after the event is an important part […]

Why Hire a Fractional CMO?

Tips to ensure your marketing communications aren’t disregarded – or worse